I’ve have been designing website since the early 90’s. I know that dates me but I was captivated by the Internet from the start. The web is a powerful tool. It offers vast opportunities for small business owners and levels the playing field in many cases.

We stay pretty current on the latest technological advancements of website platforms and how design can accent or deter how a website is viewed. We take great pride in providing clients with professional, clean designs that provide viewers with an enjoyable, easy to read layout while making the client look good.

Our websites are mobile friendly, which is very important. Actually, our websites are “responsive”, which means they reformat to fit on any device. So whether you are looking at the site on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, the layout reconfigures to give the viewer the best way to view.

We take design seriously, but we take the purpose of the site even more seriously. Some people want their site to dazzle the viewer, with moving objects or bright blocks or color. Which can be useful in “telling their story”. But sometimes it is too distracting from the purpose of the site, which is to connect with new customers and stay connected with existing customers.

We take a balanced approach to website design. A balance of imagery and content. Of course, the content is the most important aspect of the website unless you are a photographer or perhaps a restaurant.

This is our website design process.

First, we need to get to know you and your business. What do you sell and who do you sell to? Here are a list of survey questions that help us to start on the right path for your design.


  1. Domain name?
  2. Existing website?
  3. Brochures, Literature, Presentations?
  4. Logo Design (EPS/VECTOR FILE)?
  5. Social Media Channels?
  6. Email Newsletter?
  7. Marketing Strategy?
  8. Buyer Personas? – Client Profiles
  9. Blog?
  10. Articles?


  1. Websites You Like
  2. Competition Websites
  3. Color Scheme (blacks, blues, reds, soft colors, bold colors, warm colors, cool colors, black/white)
  4. Style (Minimalist, Natural, Contemporary, Blocky, Large Images, Lots of Icons,  Flat images (illustration), Photo Images, Big/Bold Text Headlines, Youthful, Like Other (Medical, Accountant, Attorney, Real Estate)


  1. Keyword List
  2. Content Already Created
  3. Client Created Content
  4. Brainstorm Created Content
  5. Client Photos
  6. Stock Photos
  7. Need Photo Shoot
  8. Client Videos
  9. Need Video Shoot
  10. Testimonials
  11. Links
  12. Social Media Links
  13. Email Marketing Form
  14. White Papers
  15. Call To Action GiveAway
  16. Price List
  17. Bios
  18. Forms/Documents/EBooks
  19. Rightable Forms


Once we have collected or created all the content, we create an online preview of the site for you to review. We may use your domain or one of our own until the site is live. In any case, you will be able to see the progress of your site throughout the design process.

We allow for several editing sessions. Those are designated times where we take all your suggested changes and corrections and apply them to the preview.

Our websites are built on a WordPress Platform. This allows you to have 24/7 access to make changes on your own, once the site is live if you choose. Most clients have us make the changes for them along with other services.


We can also assist you in setting up email addresses. We are not a tech company. However, as long as the email setup is pretty standard, we can handle it for you. We have a strategic partner that can handle most all your technical issues and computer support if you don’t have one already.