The Trust Factor

People work with people they know and trust. So how do we establish trust with someone we don’t know? We first have to form a relationship. Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect. Healthy work relationships¬†need respect and also be a win-win for both parties. A win-win means that both parties get their needs met in the relationship. Five Strategies make up the trust factor.


T for Time:

The trust factor takes time. We are willing to invest the time in our relationship.

R for Reliability:

In a healthy business relationship, there needs to be consistency in the performance.

U for Understanding:

There needs to be an understanding of the expectations. Metrics need to be setup for performance measurements and clear objectives need to be established. Both parties need to know what is expected.

S for Service:

Without service, nothing can be accomplished. We provide the desired marketing and design services within the desired package consistently, without a contract. We work with you on a month to month basis.

T for Trial:

In a business relationship, many companies offer free trials. This way you get to take advantage of the offer or service at no cost or obligation to you. Some trials last a week other a month. We are offering you a trial. A free website design. We are willing to spend the preliminary time and resources to create you a custom single page website. You will get the opportunity to see if we can live up to your expectations for other projects. We only ask that you pay the $95 a year to host the website. We will make sure hosting stays up-to-date with all security and software updates.