Do you own Facebook? Not only do you not own Facebook, but anything you put on Facebook belongs to them.

Have you ever received someone’s business card and they have a link to a social media business page, or worse, their Facebook profile. I want to say, “Are you serious?”. But I hold my tongue and lean in to learn a bit more about what they do and who their clients are. Once I get the whole story I may ask a few probing questions, like

  1. How do people find you?
  2. How do connect with your clients?
  3. Are you nervous that you’re trusting all your online reputation to what they read on Facebook?
  4. Did you know that anything you post on Facebook belongs to them?
  5. What impression do you think that leaves with prospects and strategic partners?

Facebook is great. I’m on Facebook. Because I’m on it, I know a lot of the limitations it has for staying connected to your audience. Even a one page website would allow you to still connect to your Facebook Page, but also allow you to connect to other social channels as well. If you have a one page website, you can have an email form or photo gallery, testimonials, showcase a particular product. I know what you’re thinking, “I can do those on Facebook too”. Yes, but do you control the content? Can you give more emphasis on a particular photo album or product launch? Can you organize Facebook the way you want or the way your clients need your information? If you grow at all, will you have to start over from scratch on a website anyway, building your search engine scores, linking to other social channels, have a Frequently asked questions page, etc.?

Is a website just too scary to think about?

I’ve been working with websites since the early 90’s. I can tell you this, they are easier to manage now than they have ever been. There are more tools and widgets that can not only upgrade your business image but also upgrade your relationships with client and strategic partners. The best part, it’s yours. You are not locked into having to learn the new platform of Facebook every time they make a change. You also then have the pride in your business to give it the respect it deserves.

Hand someone your business card with your website on it and you will have a lot more credibility than if you hand them a card with Facebook as your website. I guarantee you that.

Is it the cost of a website that scares you?

I can help you on that as well. I have a passion for helping small business owners. Those that I see potential, I want to help even more. When we bootstrap our business, we sometimes leave out some critical elements that can hurt us. One area that I see people try to save the most is on their marketing. The DIY Plan of Marketing. While I don’t believe you have to spend a fortune to get clients, you do have to spend something to get certain professional tools, like a website. I offer those that want to grow their business an opportunity to work together.

I am willing to invest a free web page design in you if you are willing to invest some time in yourself and give me a review of my work. What do you think?