Social media marketing is the latest in where you need to be. So how do you determine out of the 100+ social networks, which ones you should focus on? It all depends on your customers and your products/services.

Of course, the big one is Facebook. Everyone needs to be on Facebook. But while that is the most popular, you also need to look at other social channels as well to determine what is the best fit and best results for your business and your customers.

First, I have to say this. You cannot use social media as your web presence. If all you have is a Facebook Page and you don’t have your own website and you’re more than a Mary Kay representative, you are not treating your business with the respect it deserves. If you want to know more about using social media as your web presence, you can read my article, Facebook Aint My Business.

When selecting social media channels for your business, we review your business, your products, your customer, your reach, and other factors to determine what is the best channels for your buyer personas. Then we review what content and posting schedule is best for you. How often are we posting to these channels? Do we post the same content on all the channels? Where does the content come from? Who finds it, creates it, manages it, and how?  We do all due diligence for you.

We create a social media marketing plan and calendar that fits your budget and your needs.