Search Engine Optimization

I would like a Free SEO Proposal

Search Engine Optimization, the Holy Grail of every business on the internet. So what’s it all about? How do you get your business to the top of Google? First, you have to really need to be there.

It’s not about a magic formula and special codes that secretly give Google the “high-five” that get’s you there. It is however, a doable activity that we can help you with. We first have to determine if you need to have a top position on Google. Is it worth the investment?
SEO can be an expensive and long-term process. It can also be achieved with ease and with a minimal budget. Confused? Google likes it that way. The object of search engines is to pull the most relevant information to the forefront based on what the searcher is looking for. If I want a recipe for apple pie, I don’t want search results for Apple computer. So Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, etc. setup all kinds of criteria that filter out what could possibly be bad search results to get to the best results for you in an instant. That’s their whole purpose. Well, they also want to make money, so they sell you things like Google Adwords and extended directory listings and virtual tours and other things.

Search Engine Optimization starts with a precise list of keywords.

These keywords need to be specific for your business and what you sell the most of. Who do sell your products to the most? Create a “buyer persona” for that client list. Because your whole web presence is about them. What do they like about your products? Do you have testimonials? Who is connected to your site? Do you have articles on other people’s site about this product? Do other businesses use you as a source of information about this product? The more you have of these things, the more Google will see you as the prime resource for that keyword or phrase that someone is typing in. Basically, that’s how it works.

Now, how do we help you get on page one of Google, Bing, and Yahoo?

It starts with getting to know your business, your products, your clients. We can do this over the phone or in person if geography permits and your budget permits. Most of the time we work with clients over the phone and if there are needs that cannot be met virtually, we arrange to visit your facility.