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10 Key Elements To A Great Design

1. Purpose: The purpose of the design project is the driving force behind the message.

Is the purpose to educate? Is it to introduce your business or a new product? Are you looking for a particular call to action? Is the purpose to simply a complicated feature/benefit? Is the purpose to breakdown a detailed system? Is the purpose of the design to organize a lot of information in a simple to navigate format?

2. Continuity: Building brand awareness through consistency.

When you design around a consistent brand image, layout, color scheme, font style, photography or illustration style people will begin to recognize your layouts more often (reticular activator).

3. Language: Use headlines and speak to your target audience (buyer personas).

Talk about pain points that your buyer personas face and that your product or service will fix better than anyone. Be authentic in your offering.

4. Have a Clear Call To Action: What do you want people to do with the information you give them?

Every message needs to lead to something.

5. One Clear Message: Along with a clear purpose, is a clear message.

 It starts with a strong headline.

  1. HEADLINE – Something Creative and Memorable
  2. HEADLINE – Something that speaks clearly to the needs of your target audience
  3. SUBHEADLINE – A supportive statement to the headline that defines what the design is about
  4. CONCISE CONTENT – All of the content focuses on the purpose
  5. ORIGINAL CONTENT – All of the content needs to be original to the piece or licensed for this purpose

6. Graphics Support: All of the images need to be consistent with each other and “tell a story”.

They need to be licensed to the user or authorized by the owner for the purpose of the graphic design.

7. The Flow: The structure of the design needs to make it easy for readers to follow.

Have a clear path for people to move from one area of your design to the next.

8. Engaging: Is the overall appearance pleasing and consistent with your brand identity?

9. Response: When circulated do you get a positive response?

Get feedback from a focus group, strategic partner network, circle of influence, closely networked clients, and prospects that may be “on the fence”.

10. Effectiveness: Was the results after circulating the graphic design what you expected?

Were you able to measure results accurately? What would you do differently? What would you do the same? How can you extend the reach of the graphic design.

Design Competencies

  • Illustrator 85%
  • PhotoShop 78%
  • InDesign 75%
  • Acrobat 75%
  • WordPress 75%

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