Graphic Design

Your graphics are the culmination of your thoughts and ideas about your business conveyed in an image or combination of imagery that tells a story.


I Would Like A Proposal For A Graphic Design Project

It is critical to have a purpose for each graphic design piece. Whether it’s your website, brochure, business card, or mailers, emailers, or anything in between, it’s all comes down to why & what?


  • Your company?
  • This product or service?
  • Buy it now?
  • Why this communication tool? i.e., web page, brochure, postcard, sign, video, podcast, etc.


  • Will it do to better my life?

All of these questions need to be answers. Graphic design, just makes them easier for the prospect to understand and consume in a short amount of time, visually speaking. The end result for all graphic designs is the same, create action. And while that may sound easy enough, it does take quite a bit of skill, innate ability, collaboration, research, and lots of practice.

Not all graphic designs are created equal.

Some designs are created to support a larger message or bigger picture. While others serve only to point prospects in the right direction. It’s the branding and consistency in the design that professionals know helps the graphic to be successful.

It’s called a reticular activator.

How does it work? Image buying a new car, you look around and decide on a white, Cadillac SRX 2017. It’s perfect for you and part of the reason you bought it was because you don’t see that many on the road. Well, the moment you drive it off the lot, you are noticing them everywhere, especially white ones. What happened? Did something go out on Facebook that the very car you bought was the perfect vehicle? The answer is no. They were already out there, you did not have an emotional connection to the vehicle until you purchased one and your mind now recognizes them as important and relevant. You’ve created an emotional connection.

If your mind took in every object it saw in a day, it would crash. So it does a filtering process that eliminates most of the distractions and allows you to function and focus on the objects you need most, at that time. It’s important to remember the, “at that time” portion. Because it is this point that we need to create opportunity through graphic design.