For marketing, nothing beats email marketing for the least amount of work and cost for the greatest return on your investment. But there are ways of doing it right and there are ways to doing it wrong. First, be courteous and follow the etiquette of email.

Email marketing starts with a message or idea about what you want people to know about your company, industry, products, services, etc. Also, how interested will your audience be in this information? Many retailers and restaurants use email marketing to send their targeted lists to customers that are already buyers and therefore likely to buy more of similar products. With business to business, it’s a little different. Or if you have a product that is not consumed as often, how do you use email marketing in that scenario?
The first rule in marketing. “It’s not about you, it’s about the consumer.” So you have to position the email strategy for the client’s benefit not just to send out another email that gets thrown into the junk box. Think about your clients. Survey your clients. Survey your strategic partners. Ask your distributors or manufacturers or software providers, whatever you have at your disposal. What does your competition put out? Subscribe to it. What can you do better? What does like industries put out? How can you condense or explain it better in your email marketing?
Then, create your marketing strategy around the value of the information and how often it needs to be delivered. Usually weekly at the most and at least monthly. Wrap your email marketing around webinars, trade shows, educational series, new product launches, testimonials and case studies. But make sure it applies to your target audience. Most businesses have one email list – “client list”. They send everyone the same message. You can create 100’s of databases and still have the big one. But each targeted list receives a message with information that is interesting and directed to them. This may sound like a lot of work, in the beginning. It can be involved, but well worth the investment.

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