client name
contact info
business name
how many clients can they handle?
are their client short-term, long-term, cyclical?
How many clients do they want this year?
How many clients do they have now?
How do they get their clients?
Where do their clients come from?
How long have they been in business?
Do they have a business plan?
When was it last updated?
Do they have a marketing plan?
When was it last updated?
Do they have a marketing budget?  (Time/Money)
What is their marketing budget based on?
Do they have a sales funnel?
What do they do for lead generation?
What is their product/service
What makes their product better
What is their value position statement
Where do they need help?
What are their expectations of us?
How can we help them?
do you have a logo (eps file)
do you have a company brochure
do you have company literature
do you have a business card
do you have company videos
do you have company presentations
What do you use to keep up with clients and prospects
What does your best client look like
What does your worst client look like – people you really can’t help
Do they have a website?
do they have a domain
who owns it
where is it registered
do they have emails attached to it
services info
white papers
Are they on social media?
Where are they on search engines?
What do they use to help with search engine optimization?
Do they advertise online?
when did the start
what do they sell
who buys their products
what are their strengths
cost of their products
who are their customers
where are they
retail or b2b
how do they sell their products
lead generation
strategic partners
customer loyalty program
physical location
are your prices (higher, lower, or about the same) as competition
How easy is your products/services to use
How easy is your product to implement
How do people pay for your products/services
Do you offer payment plans
How long is the buying cycle
How often does someone buy your product
What need(s) does your product fill?
Are your products/services seasonal
how much time or money do you spend in marketing each month
What are your key performance indicators
Are you a member of any networking groups
Are you a member of any civic organizations
Are you a member of any chambers of commerce
Are you a member of any interest groups
Are you on any boards
Do you write articles for any publications
Do you speak at any group functions
Do you host meetings
Do you distribute email newsletters
Do you have a prospect database
Do you have an email database
Do you keep track of web traffic on your site
Do you have a referral program
Do you have a customer loyalty program
Do you have a thank you program
Do you have a direct mail list
Do you send routine correspondence to clients and prospects
Do you host dinners or lunch and learns
Do you make cold calls
Do you make cold call visits
Do you send samples of your products
Do you offer free trials of your products/service
Do they use social media
How do they use social media
how do they use their website for lead generation